All of the puppy on the litter has a definite personality

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All of the puppy on the litter has a definite personality

For each and every ballplayer try a distinct organization

dissent (dis ENT) vi. 1. having a different belief or advice; disagree, have a tendency to that have from; 2. to deny the latest philosophy out of a professional religion -letter. the newest work away from disagreeing, especially a legal advice resistant to the majority's; spiritual nonconformity • Bulls and you can carries dissent in one some other inside their stock buy plans. • Henry VIII's dissent with the pope caused the creation of your own Anglican Chapel. • Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. composed particular most popular dissents during the their label with the Ultimate Legal. [-ed, -ing]

different (dis SIM i loer) adj. maybe not alike; some other • Cats and dogs have quite different character traits, to the puppy looking to excite both you and the new pet trusting it's your work to delight they. • Twins Bob and you may Beam keeps dissimilar efforts from the mobile providers; Bob's during the operations, and you can Ray's an operator. [-ity n., -ly adv.] [Syn. different]

evaporate (DIS we PAYT) vt. step one. to-break up-and spread out; dispel; disperse; 2. to get completely aside; make disappear; 3. to help you waste otherwise eliminate • The fresh new rising sunshine can help to evaporate this new fog. • Of course, it won't completely dissipate up until the sun's rays have obtained an effective opportunity to run dry all liquids droplets. • Do not evaporate all of your opportunity seeking a great leprechaun. [-d, dissipating] [Syn. scatter]

distinct* (dis TEENKT) adj. step 1. maybe not exactly the same; different; 2. different; individual; separate; step three. demonstrably thought otherwise noted regarding; clear; plain; cuatro. well defined; unmistakable; particular • • • •

Most of the university coach enjoys a distinct serial count

identify (dis TING desire to) vt. step 1. to tell apart; to sense or inform you the difference for the; to tell apart; dos. getting a significant ability of; characterize; step three. to help you ous otherwise common; bring distinction to help you • Rubies and sapphires can be easily popular from each other because of the colour. • Firmness differentiates real diamonds away from phony of those. • The new Dewey Quantitative System helps us to identify a text because of the their safeguards. • “New popular senator away from (your state)” try a concept regarding rank and you will esteem. [-ed, -ing, -ready adj., -ably adv.] [Syn. discriminate]

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diversion* (di Ver zhuhn) n. 1. a rotating out; 2. distraction regarding focus; 3. whatever distracts the interest, like an interest or an enjoyment • Diversion of your Texas Lake compliment of tunnels greet the Hoover Dam to get centered near Vegas. • Japan assaulted the Aleutians when you look at the World war ii just like the a beneficial diversion to draw America's interest away from Midway. • Half a dozen Flags brings diversion at numerous theme parks. divination (DIV i NAY ignore) n. step 1. a seeking to anticipate the long run otherwise have a look at the fresh unknown from the setting beyond individual expertise; dos. a prophecy; prediction; foreknowing; step 3. a correct assume otherwise good intuition • Divination try often included in the existing Western in order to us's stock and you can trading try divination. • Individual who performs inside the divination can often be named good happy guesser. • Divination is ESP (perhaps not ESPN).

Small Opinion #29 Satisfy the term out-of line 2 to the term of line step one this means very almost Winnipeg hookup the same thing. step 1. dispersal

divisive (di VYS iv or di VIS iv) adj. leading to division, especially causing disagreement or dissension • Whether or not to score a second puppy try an excellent divisive question for Lois and Jeremy. • And this bills will likely be repaid very first is commonly a good divisive number to possess newly weds and you may longtime people exactly the same. reveal (div UHLDZH) vt. and come up with recognized; disclose; unveil; show • The new papers journalist is required not to disclose the source regarding their highly sensitive guidance. • If i was to reveal for you the key processes you to was basically involved in the and work out associated with product, I'd need to capture you. [-d, divulging] [Syn. reveal]

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